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Acid City Rock is a radio station in Fist of Danger and Dash's Story. It is a radio station for Classic Rock.


Fist of Danger 1Edit


  • Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
  • Queen - I Want to Break Free
  • U2 - Mysterious Ways
  • The Stopges - 1969

Last Rock SongEdit

Genre:Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Heavy Metal

  • Van Halen - Ain't talkin 'bout love
  • Chicago - If You Leave Me Now
  • Motorhead - Born To Raise Hell
  • Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
  • Firefall - Just remember i love you
  • Judas Priest - Rock Forever
  • Led Zeppelin - All My Life
  • Micheal Learns to Rock - The Actor
  • Queenschryche - Jet City Woman
  • Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
  • Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
  • Twísted Sister - We're not gonna take it

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