Armando Hetfield is a member of the Eagles MC Brotherhood.


Armando was born in 1989 in Los Pegasus. He is of Puerto Rican and Jamaican descendent. His father was born in Jamaica and his mother was born in Puerto Rico. He was a very well raised child until he got 16 years old, he was arrested for stabbing his teacher 15 times in the back. He was then arrested again when he was 18 years old for shooting a police officer in the head, and then again when he was 21 for Grand Theft Auto. He joined Eagles MC Brotherhood in 2008 which was the time when he was arrested for shooting a police officer. He is the hacker of the club.

Criminal RecordEdit

  • 2005 - Knife Attack
  • 2008 - Officer Attack
  • 2011 - Grand Theft Auto

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