Player dies


Cronan McCarthy is having a flashback of him being in the irish army 7 years before the events of Fist of Danger. He gets waken up when the war starts and gets ready to Pick up a machine gun and knife and gets ready to fight. The Player needs to follow Sargent Johnny Creary back to the office after shooting the intruders. Cronan then enters the office where Johnny sits and smokes weed. He asks Cronan to pick up a friend of his called Fred Alveradas from the airport. After returning to the office, Johnny is pleased to see Fred. But then they heard a shot, Patrick McDawkins getting killed. Johnny almost cried of Patrick's death, shooting one of the 8 intruders leg and cussed him out, yet the intruder got away. Cronan chased them down, shooting them with anger and a little tear in his eye. After the flashback, he comes back to his real world, sitting on a party boat in a beach chair relaxing. He then stands up and takes his sunglasses off and the mission is done.


  • In the irish army, Cronan McCarthy had a High and tight haircut, in the events of Fist of Danger, his hair is shortcutted. Though, in another flashback, his hair was long and shaggy.

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