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Club Name: Humbles MC
1977 Ring Of Evil

Origin: Sando, California, US
Enemies: Dead Killers
Russian Mafia
Triads Years Active: 1968- Type: Outlaw motorcycle club
Associates: Citros
Italian Mafia<brOutsiders MC
Irish Angels
Current members: Dash King Jackson
Pablo Andreas
Garry Guy
Ryder Luke Addams
Chuck Mudu
Past members: Woody Guy, Butch Stykes
Miles Sutter
Randy Cutter
Vehicles: Smoothwing
Devils's Angel
Family Hog
Gang Van Weapons: Streetsweaper
Pipe Bomps
[[ Eagles Brotherhood MC are a 1%er outlaw motorcycle club located in Sando


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  • They are based on the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

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