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Irish Angels are a motorcycle club based in Jackstreet, Cokeland and Somewhere.

Patches and ColorsEdit

The IR colors are Green, White and Orange which represents the Irish Flag.


  • "Prez" - Slang/Shortcut for President which means you are the Leader of the club.
  • "VP" - Shortcut for Vice President which means that you are the second in Command.
  • "Sgtaa" - Shortcut for Sgt. At Arms.
  • "St. Patrick" - Indicates that you are full irish or Irish American. Members who have family from more than Ireland and US cannot wear this patch.
  • Irish Flag - Indicates that you have been in the irish Army.
  • IAMCAC - Shortcut for Irish Angels MC Acid City.


Their logo is the irish flag and a bottom rocker saying "Irish Riders". The side rocker on their jackets is saying IAMCAC.

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