Ava Osbourne is a member of Humbles MC.


Ava is one of the younger members of Humbles MC Brotherhood. He is nervous and shy yet very wild and courage . He is usually trying to calm down Dash Kingston when he is angered. He likes driving fast, partying and like most Humble members, rebelling against athourity. The other members of Humbles MC are somewhat fatherlike figures to him, protecting him and keeping him out of arguements but that is because he is younger than the rest. He is fiercly loyal to the club. He is a friend of Dash Kingston, Victor Pablo, Max Rose and Woodie Guy. Ava likes to harass his enemies.


Ava has long black hair and brown eyes. He is pale and has got a slight build. He wears a black leather jacket with the Humbles MC Brotherhood logo on the back. He wears a long white Reaper Crew T-shirt inside of his jacket as well as black trackpants and white sneakers. Ava is one of the few Humble members wearing a helmet. The top of his helmet says HMC (Shortcut for Humbles MC) and has flames around it.

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