Luigi Gravelli is one of the protagonists. He also appears as a main character in Fist of Danger 1 and a supporting character in 2, 3 and 4. He is a member of the D'Amore Family.


Luigi is sympathetic to people he is close to but still behaves in an agressive manner.


Luigi is an Italian American with brown eyes. In the start of the game, his hair is black and spiked, he wears a black leather coat, blue jeans and brown boots.


Vehicle Crash:

  • "O Mamamia, give me a break"
  • "Get out of the way, you fucking Puttana"
  • "Wanna fuck with the Mafia car?"
  • "Gran' disgraziato"
  • "Fuck, i really need to watch the roado"
  • "Va fan culo"
  • "Get your cazzo out of your i coglioni and watch the Road"


  • "Fucking puttana"
  • "O Maddonamia, you fucking ritardata"
  • "Americans, Fat, slow and weak".
  • "porco cane"
  • "Italian stylo"
  • "Mamamia, you weaka"
  • "D'amore would be proud to see me dó that"

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