Seth_Stykes was the former leader of Humbles MC. He got murdered by the other members for betraying them and for starting a new mc called Woodie's Mob.

Personality Edit

Seth has some additude and anger issues. His drug problem has made him stuck up, obnoxious and disrespectful. It is mentioned that he was loyal and a good friend and MC Member before that. Seth ruthlessly kills people for fun which Dash Kingston is trying to stop because they don't kill for fun in the Humbles MC, the true code was to only kill people that's a threat to them (f.x. Slimheads, Cops, FAT) or at least not kill innocents.


Woodie was arrested for attacking T Floyd in 1988. Then arrested again in 1993 for robbing a bank. He was then arrested in 1994 for stealing a car. Then in 1999 for Manslaughter, 2000 for prostitution and in 2003 he got beaten down and arrested for drug dealing . He was also shot in the stomach by a couple of members of Dark Snakes in 2008 but after that, he survived.


Woodie is quite old (63 years). He has short grey hair and full beard. He is massive, fat and slightly taller than Dash Kingston. He's got big massive hands but that might just be his heavy use of drugs. He wears leather pants and brown boots. He wears a black Reaper Crew T-shirt inside of his leather vest with Humbles MC logo on the back. He wears the 1%er patch which the player will earn after completing all the War side missions.

Criminal Record Edit

  • 1988 - Terrory
  • 1993 - Robbery
  • 1994 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1999 - Manslaughter
  • 2000 - Prostitution
  • 2003 - Drug Dealing


  • Works with terrorists like
  • Has a strong hate for rapper T Floyd.
  • Is an abuser of drugs and coke.
  • Is friends with African American street gang Crank Street.

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