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T Floyd is a Puerto Rican rapper and member of the Hispanic Gods.


T Floyd is loud and obnoxious. He usually uses the word Man over and over when he's talking. He is stereotype of a cool person.


Though, T-Floyd is hispanic, he has African skin. He is 2 inches taller than Spike and skinny but that may be the fact that he plays alot of basketball. He wears sunglasses, a white long t shirt, golden necklace leather pants and white sneakers. If he performs in a strip club, you see him in a suit and tie.

Albums Edit

  • TF LP (1996)


  • Lowrider
  • Get Loco
  • Fuck You

Album: Leather Gangster (1999) Songs:

  • Leather Gangster (Ft. Metabollica)
  • Get Loco
  • Cholo
  • Cokemaster
  • Baby, i need you

Album: Pendejo Killer (2000) Songs:

  • Intro
  • Te Amo, Girl
  • Pendejo Killer
  • Idimitading Leader

Album: Hispanic Gods (2007) Songs:

  • Psychothic Killa
  • The Tough Guy is Back
  • Cabron Choker
  • Hispanic Lords Theme Song

Album: Grave Digger (2013)

  • Beginning of the End
  • Walking Through Fire
  • Kiss my ass
  • Come back to me
  • End of the Beginning

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