Pablo Andreas is a member of the Humbles MC Brotherhood. He is the best friend of Dash Jackson.


Pablo is very calm and kind, though, he is easily angered when he is arguing with someone. He is also extremly loyal.


Pablo was born in Acid City in 1981. He is of Mexican and turkish descendent. His father was born in Mexico, 1954 and his mother was born in Los Pegasus, 1959. Pablo joined the Eagles MC Brotherhood in 1999. He started as a member of the nomad chapter but then later joined the Acid chapter. He was friends with Dash Jackson since their childhood. They met each other in 1989. When they became teenagers, they started commiting crimes and caused trouble in school. They were then arrested in 1997 for robbing a bank. Pablo was then arrested for Grand Theft Auto in 1999, and then again in 2000 for drug running.

Criminal RecordEdit

  • 1997 - Robbery
  • 1999 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2000 - Drug Running

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