White Beard is a character and friend of Dash Kingston. He is the oldest member of Rock Bottoms MC or at least the Acid City chapter.

Early LifeEdit

Criminality at young ageEdit

White Beard was born in 1958. He is one of the few non-criminal members but he got into criminal activities as young. He joined Rock Bottoms MC in 1978 which is right between where he got arrested twice. He earned his patch in 1985 after he served 5 years in prison for the club. He was also arrested in 1989 for attacking the Solid Angles and then again in 1992 stealing a truck. After 1992, White Beard stopped being a criminal however he is still a member of the Rock Bottoms which is a proof that you don't have to be a criminal to be a member. He also mentioned that he was Sick of spending time in prison though he still dislikes the cops. He is a smart person since he admits that what he did was dumb.

Mechanic days (1969-1970)Edit

White Beard became a mechanic in 1969 but quitted in 1970 to become a marine soldier.

Marine TimeEdit

White Beard joined the military in 1970. He sometimes tells stories about his time as a marine soldier, saying it was tough but fun. Also when you put on a radio station he likes he will tell you that it reminds him of his memories as an army man.

Criminal RecordEdit

1979 - Parole Violation 1989 - Shootout 1992 - Grand Theft Auto


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